Monday, May 17, 2010

No longer a Baby

I hope I never sound ungrateful.  I love my son so much!  Ethan has become our world.  He has replaced our favorite TV shows and video games (Ryan's) and has become an entertainer all of his own.  I love my son.

Ethan is a very busy boy since the invention of walking (11 mths) and the addition of running (12 months).  Some nights, for fun, he has taken to running in circles- literally- or chasing the dogs around the house with his light-up sword.

He has also turned "2" at 13 months.  Full-force temper tantrums, on the floor, kicking and screaming.  But no one gets to see that but Daddy and Me.  That way I sound ungrateful - or crazy, as "Ethan is a perfect angel" for everybody else. 

I love my boy.  He is amazing.  Just learnt how to walk backwards yesterday.  I love watching him figure something out, learn something.   Little brains must work non-stop.  Our big brains just sit in front of computers all day it seems, taking everything we do for granted.   Imagine for a second that you didn't know how to walk backwards.   It might not be life-changing, but boy is it convenient!

Suppertime has been fun for a long time, however Mommy is no longer allowed to hold the fork/spoon.  Unless it's her own fork, in which case Ethan will only let me hold it until it reaches his lips; then he grabs it with both hands and won't let go.   You would be amazed the the grip our little guy's got.

But we are so lucky.  To have our own little angel that tests patience and boundaries.   But he still knows we're Mommy and Daddy and that kisses fix everything and hugs feel good and that we love him.  And we know the love of a child. 

And it's bliss.

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