Thursday, December 31, 2009

All I Wanted For Christmas....

was my two front teeth. 

I used to hate that song.  What a silly song.  I guess if you were 6 years old, with two big gaping holes in the front of your mouth, it would make sense.  But for the rest of us...  kinda silly.  Mind you, there are Christmas songs about Donkeys and Hippos, so I guess it's not the silliest song out there.

Well...  I have my two front teeth, and have never known a child to get their two front teeth for Christmas.  Until now.

Besides a tonne of presents and clothes, Ethan got his two front teeth for Christmas.   One cut through on Christmas Day, and was in by the 27th.  And yesterday, he cut the second one, which is in today.  These teeth moved very quickly, and provided a few rough nights of sleep.

But something changed this teething time around (they are teeth 5 and 6 if anyone is keeping track).  Ethan slept!  During the day, he slept a lot - not at one time, but the days have been filled with naps.  He wakes up, has something to eat and goes back to sleep.   Wakes up, cuddles for a bit and falls back to sleep.  Wakes up, plays with some toys and starts yawning, cause it's time to go back to sleep.

Night time doesn't allow for a long- through the night sleep.  But he's waking up between 5 and 6:30.  Next week he'll be getting up at 6:30 anyway to get ready for daycare. 

So forget the Hippos and Donkeys.  (Ethan didn't get any of those - but cute puppies that say his name, and Elmos galore)  Ethan got something every kid sings about at some point in time.  He got his two front teeth for Christmas. 

Six down, Fourteen to go!

Monday, December 28, 2009

SAHM No More

What a weekend!  Christmas was busy, throwing Ethan way off schedule.  We had 4 Christmas' in a five day span.  And I'm kinda glad to be home today, cleaning up the house, packing away the Christmas tree and trying to find a place to put all the new toys.

Yes, I've been so excited for Christmas, but took down my tree today.  You see, in the past 3 weeks, Ethan has become extremely mobile, making it difficult to do anything without putting him in his exersaucer - which he is very tired of.  If I'm not sitting beside him on the floor - I find him in the tree or pulling stuff out of the TV stand or headed down the hall in search of a garbage can or return air-vent.  So removing the tree was almost necessary.  One less thing to get into. 

Today is back to work day for everyone.  And I'm at home with Ethan, alone for the first time in 4 days.  I have so much that I want to get done this week.  Before going back to work next week, giving up my SAHM status for a little while at least.  I want to make cookies and give the house an incredibly good cleaning, and make a menu for next month (one of my New Years goals, hoping it will relieve some stress of 'whats for dinner-lunch' making Daycare packing a little easier too).  I also want to spend some good time just hanging out with the boy, cause I'm pretty sure I'll miss that the most.  I love reading him stories, and singing and dancing with him. 

Going back to work is the hardest thing most Mom's I talk to ever experience.  Maybe harder than child birth - cause I think you remember how you feel going back to work forever - and the pain of child birth doesn't stay with you too long.  I'm looking forward to going back, but I'm also sad that I can't just stay home till we're done having kids and they've all gone to school.  But I can't.

Time has just flown by.  It's so cliche, but it really has.  There was a baby sitting in front of us yesterday in church.  She was so tiny, and sleeping quietly.  Seems so long since Ethan was that small....  but it really wasn't.  I'm happy that he's developing, but I'm going to miss cuddling on the couch and rocking him to sleep. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas To You!

Being Ethan's first Christmas, I'm sure that there will be some spoiling.  I know there will be.  I'm sure that he will get more gifts than he needs.  I'm okay with that.  However there is one thing that I'm so happy Ethan will get this Christmas.

Okay, here's me getting Corny; Family. 

He's such a lucky boy.  He has a huge family, right here close enough that he can spend Christmas with them. 

This is his Great Grandma Janzen, sharing such a nice kiss with him during our Christmas on Sunday night.  What a great picture (captured by my Aunt Mary).  I'm sure that I'll cherish this picture for years to come. 

Out of all of the things wrapped under the tree, nothing can replace the rituals and the traditions that we create with our families over the holidays.  It's true.  When your Christmas changes for the first time in years, it doesn't feel quite the same. 

I'm so excited to start some new traditions with our family this year.  And I'm so happy that we have so many wonderful people in our lives that will be part of those traditions.

Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Soother? Yes I Am

Ethan's been having problems sleeping at night again.  I'm not sure exactly what the issue is this time.

He is teething again, but not horribly *I really wish teething was a 2 day process*.  Sometimes some teething gel is required - or Baby Crack as I call it....  Ethan smacks his lips in anticipation when he sees it coming.

I also cheaped out on diapers and bought the none-brand named brand, as I'm cheap and I didn't have a coupon for my favorite brand name.  Around 3am, Ethan yells to let me know that his diaper has reached full capacity.  Then it takes a while to get him back to sleep.  I will be picking up a package of my favorite brand named diapers today.

Ethan is also giving crawling a huge try, mostly at night.  He sits up in his crib, lies back down, crawls to the edge, sits back up, lies back down, rolls around, pushes his face up against the edge, and SCREAMS!  In the past, I usually have given him a few minutes of screaming in hopes that he will calm down and fall back to sleep.  I've found that if the issue is a face against the bars of his crib, promptness is necessity, or a lot of Mommy soothing will follow.  I'm considering purchasing some crib bumpers today as well.

Another issue that we've run into is Ethan throws his pacifier out of the crib, then has trouble soothing himself back to sleep.  He will be a great ball player, he's got quite an arm on him.  If the soos (as we call it) has left the crib, the chance that he will fall back to sleep is about a zero.  Going into his room, getting another soos and getting him back to sleep is also necessary.  The bumpers will probably help his issue too.

Last night at 3 am, the diaper, Ethan's face against the crib and the missing soos were all issues.  It took about 4 trips to the nursery, a diaper change, a bottle and a big long cuddle with Mom to settle him down.  While I was crawling back into bed, Ryan asked "soother?"  I took it as a statement.  Maybe it's my title now.

I am the Soother....  Just call me Soos.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Manitoba Mutts

How can you tell that we live in Manitoba???  Read on!

Our dogs, Pitunia and Reese wanted out this morning - not really.  They actually wanted to wrestle on our king-sized bed, but as I just put Ethan down for a nap, I didn't think this was their best idea.

So....  I opened the door to the backyard, leaving it open so they could take shelter in our un-heated garage if need be.  Then I walked back to the bedroom to watch the show.  And what a show.

Reese proceeded to do about 100 laps around our backyard (not a small backyard as city lots go).  Pitunia would run out every 5 laps or so to see if she could catch Reese's backend as it passed by.  Then she would run to the garage door to heat up (I think) and try again in a few laps.  Reese paused every so often to eat some snow - none of which was yellow I don't think.  Then continued her laps.

The strange thing is that Pitunia has very little fur (as dogs go) and Reese loves the snow, but is definitely a house dog.  However, it is ONLY -10 degrees celsius out today.  And that seems to feel like Spring to our pups.  How sad.  But it got so cold so fast here that I don't think they had much time to adjust.  They seem to be happy about the milder weather.

And that's how you know we have Manitoba Mutts...   when -10 degrees celsius feels warm.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't touch the tree.... Even if I place you in front of it

I must say, What a cute kid we've got!
Ryan and I did this picture in our livingroom the other night for Christmas cards (pretend you haven't seen it yet when you open your card) 

Things that I thought were important for the picture -

Socks...  I wanted to have Ethan in his cute little shoes, but he only has one pair right now that fit (besides slippers and boots) and they didn't go with the outfit.  But socks go with everything.

Turtle...   Ethan loves his turtle.  Turtle goes everywhere with us.  I bought it when Ethan was 3 months old so he could have something new to entertain him when we took our first plane ride to Montreal.  That's right, Turtle has even been to Montreal.

Corny Christmas Sweater-vest...   We can only dress them like this for so long before they start to protest - except my brother.  He wore 3 piece suits for school pictures well into elementary school.  Long even that I knew they weren't cool anymore Mom - and I'm 2 years younger than him.

Decorated Christmas Tree (with presents)...  It really sets the Christmas tone.  Otherwise it would just be another picture of Ethan, only with him in a corny sweater-vest.

Things I wish weren't in the picture-

The poor excuse for window treatments...  Scroll back up and look again.  You'll understand.

Finally I would like to say that to acheive a fabulous picture like this, it requires teetering your 8 month old on a box covered in blankets, surrounded by pillows, with a Daddy hovering just in case.  They did a good job, didn't they?

Monday, December 14, 2009

All Wrapped Up

Started wrapping Christmas gifts this afternoon....  Got bored of that pretty quick and moved on to more challenging things.  I'm convinced that dog on that commercial that's all wrapped up with a wrapped up tennis ball in his mouth...  not real.  Impossible!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Claustrophobia - Check!

Ryan and I went Christmas shopping yesterday!  And it wasn't even that bad.

I actually started shopping over a month ago.  I think it's really easy to buy gifts for kids.  In fact, I could buy presents for Ethan and our friends kids anyday.  I had a hard time stopping.  Ryan told me to stop buying and when we were done getting everyone else's gifts I could continue to buy for Ethan (money allowing).

Ryan had yesterday afternoon off, and we hadn't bought any of our adult gifts yet, so I suggested a quick trip to the city.  With only one more Friday left before Christmas, a trip into Winnipeg would hardly be a treat.  Ryan tends to get claustrophobic (note to self; CLAUStrophobic - must of stemmed from the Greek word for fear of Christmas Shopping Crowds).  It can be so bad that on boxing days, I can tell when he reaches the point that he is extremely angry and would love to start punching people in the head....   He's not an angry person, and it wouldn't be funny...   But picture it!  This huge guy punching people in the head because they're standing too close and there are too many of them!   The image is hilarious in my brain.

So we trodded off to Polo Park in search of the perfect Christmas Gifts for all the people on our list.  (I am all about buying stuff in our home town, but I had a few gifts that just aren't available in our small town - I looked!)  There was a tonne of people in that mall.  The food court was full, the stores were full.  There was even a wait to use the elevator in the middle of the mall.  And the bathrooms!  UGH!  The bathrooms were gross!  Holiday shoppers are animals!

We spent 7 hours walking around various stores and got about half of our shopping done.  Shopping with a 8 month old in -30 degree weather is not fun.  Whoever told me that a Winter baby wouldn't be good didn't calculate that a Spring baby is too big for a carrier car seat, and to small to walk, and hates being dressed in snowsuits, mitts and touques.  I think a winter baby would have been easier this time of year.

With just a few more thing to get, I think I can get it done.  I might run to our 24 hour Walmart one night this week after Ethan goes down for the night.  Christmas shopping has definately been more difficult than normal.  But it's almost done.  Infact, in 2 weeks it will all be over for another year.  And if you get a gift from us that you hate this year....   It's the thought that counts.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Making Memories

We've lost two great uncles on my father's side this week.  Rough week for the family.  And it's kinda got me thinking about family. 
My Grandma and Grandpa have been gone for a number of years on my father's side.  But some of my best memories of them is Christmas Morning at the farm.  I remember the year that I got my grocery set.  A whole bunch of plastic canned goods and "fresh" plastic produce.  I remember pushing my little shopping cart around their tiny livingroom.  That same year Grandma gave me a whole bunch of knitted ball gowns for my Barbie dolls.  One of them was burgandy with white trim...  and a matching cape for her cause it's cold here at Christmas time.  Come to think of it, dressing my Barbies in high fashion probably is to blame for the abundance of very fancy dresses in my closet - including an unworn wedding dress with a cape.

I think that was the same year that Grandpa was fairly sick.  But I don't remember him being sick.  I don't remember much of Grandpa at all.  I was 5 when he passed away.  But I remember the farm, and I remember that Christmas. 

I was lucky to have my Grandma Blair for quite a few more years, till I was 17.  We made some great memories together. 

I am especially lucky to still have both of my Grandparents on my Mother's side and one of Ryan's Grandmothers.  Great Grandparents for Ethan. 

We'll be surrounded by people this Christmas.  People we love, and we'll be making some very special memories I'm sure.  But I think I'll still be thinking about the people left behind; the ones who have lost someone they loved this year, dealing with the heartbreak of the holidays without them. 

This can certainly be a rough time of year.


Everyday is like Christmas when Grandpa comes to visit! 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday Sleepers

I stole this picture yesterday while I was busy getting ready for Church.  Everyone says Ethan looks just like his Daddy, Ryan says he can't see it.  I think the similarities are endless!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby Phat

So it's official....  It's Winter in Southern Manitoba.  and I'm cold.

I miss being pregnant.  Pregnant women really do have a glow about them.  They look awesome most of the time - they're excited and living in two worlds - yours and one they share just with their baby.  As a new mom I look pretty mom-ish most of the time...   Undone.

This time last year I was fairly pregnant.  Five months along if I remember, but big enough that I felt awkward wearing my bikini in the pool in Fargo.  (there was quite a baby bump....  in fact I had a Baby bump fairly early on - carried all my new weight out front).  Sometimes that was good, because no one mistook me for just putting on some extra pounds, it was fairly obvious (at least to me) that I was pregnant.

Around this time last year I think I could feel Ethan kicking me.  He kicked alot, and I told Ryan I would miss being able to feel him that way.  I was scared of Winter, because we get a lot of ice around here, and I'm not great at staying on my feet most of the time anyway.  I had to wear Ryan's jacket because I kept breaking the zipper on mine.  But I could eat almost anything I wanted (a good thing around Christmas) and any extra holiday weight became baby weight.  No one expected me to shovel the driveway or clean the snow off the van.  Carrying heavy packages was strictly off limits.  Being Pregnant this time of year was great.

But the best part about being pregnant in the Winter was that Ethan was a warm baby.  (he still is very warm most of the time - Daddy's thermostat too I guess)  I was always hot!  I could wear just a short sleeve shirt at work, and be fine.  Even with all the windows!  A sweater was hardly ever necessary.

It really isn't cold here at all.  Our house is 21.5 Degrees, outside is only -5 Degrees and I've been wearing sweaters for a week straight.  It's going to get much colder - and I'm already missing the warmth of my baby fat.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Winter Sport

How exciting! Snow!  (the picture was actually last year, from the picture folder titled "fun in the snow")

I say that I'm not a snow person, because I don't like the cold, I don't "play" in the snow on skates or sleds or snowmobiles. However I am a snow person when I'm sitting in the front seat of a 4x4 truck, watching all of the idiots who have forgotten how to drive.

I'm sure that some people forgot how to drive this morning in our town. Just a light dusting of snow really.... a couple of inches. Nothing to get too excited about yet.

I'm always happy the first day after a good dump of a foot or two, Ryan and I get in the truck to head to work and pull out multiple people in little cars and minivans on the way. It doesn't matter that we're late, cause we're saving people from the snow drifts they've plowed into. The very best is when you get to pull out a 4x4 of a different brand. (Ford and Dodge men hardly enjoy it, but sometimes our GMC just wins)

But this year I'm not getting up first thing in the morning, going to work with Ryan. I'm home with Ethan. So Ryan gets to pull people out without me. And I will likely be one of the minivans stuck in a 4 foot drift that I didn't see until I was on top of it. I'll just make sure I have my cellphone with me everywhere I go.

It won't take long until the Portage people stop driving 30 kms/hr through town, scared of the slippery streets, and begin to drive 60 again. But I'm sure the drive to work was fun today, kinda sad I missed it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Evening for Everyone

Ryan and I attended our Christmas Party this past Saturday. It was a nice evening. Supper and a comedian at Boston Pizza. Not a long evening, (partly our fault, we were late - go figure) but a nice evening.

Ethan did not come with us. Grandma and Grandpa Blair (so strange to say that - my Grandma and Grandpa have been gone for years), anyway, G and G Blair babysat Ethan for the first time for longer than 2 hours. Auntie Cassie babysat way back when Transformers came out so we could see a matinee.

And Ethan was fine! He had a great evening playing with his Grandparents. He was a good little guy and Ryan and I had a good little evening. Grandma and Grandpa had a good evening spending some time with Ethan. A good night for everyone! Maybe we'll have to do it again soon.