Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis the Season!

Ethan met Santa yesterday.(not the one pictured above, but a real life Mall-Santa) And he wasn't even that scared. Tried to pull his beard off (was almost very successful). But we've been telling Ethan that Santa works at Craig Dunn Motor City the other 364 days a year in the service department. I personally like our Santa better than the one at the Mall.

And yes I am one of those people who dress their dogs up, but only on occasion.

The elf is my favorite!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What A Monkey

Left to his own devices, Ethan decided to play with ALL of his toys last night (with Daddy looking on).

When Did I Get So Old

I can remember thinking that I would always be a hip Mom. I prided myself in knowing that kids are kids and that I would be cool by the time my kids reached my age *way back in high school*.

But I'm slipping already.

I was recently disgusted about Adam Lambert getting "carried away" at the AMA this weekend and grinding some poor dancer's face into his crotch, and groping another. Really... You're here for our entertainment? I didn't find it entertaining. Perhaps you should go back to singing covers Adam. You were good at that.

And Britney??? 3? Maybe 4? Living in Sin is the new thing? You have two kids yourself young lady. And you're not even young anymore. Do you really want your kids to see what you've been up to in your music videos? You're a role model to young women everywhere, and all you're doing is teaching them that Sex is how you get famous. (unless I'm miss-watching this)

When did I get so old? I miss the music of my generation. Some good old late 90s alternative. I was GaGa about it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Formula Follower

If you've been following for the past few weeks, you probably know I've been struggling with a Baby who is almost 8 months old, who refuses to sleep through the night. Up until about a week ago, Ethan was completely Breastfeed.

I am pleased to say that Ryan and I have won the Bottle-Battle. Ethan downed his 7 oz bottle of formula last night in about 10 minutes! Yay Ethan, go Ethan, Yay Ethan.... (happy dance)

My goal was to get him to take 1 bottle a day, right before bed, in hopes that he will sleep better. (some say that formula feed babies sleep better, breastfed babies wake up hungry in the middle of the night)

I am sad to say that Ethan is STILL waking up in the middle of the night, hungry. I know he's hungry, because I go in when he wakes up, make sure that teeth aren't the issue (he's not trying to pull the top of his head off) and give him his Soos (pacifier). Ethan will fall asleep, and wake up and cry and fall asleep and wake up and cry. I let him do this for about 50 minutes on Saturday night before Ryan finally went in to get him. Ethan latched on and had a full meal, then Ryan took him back to his crib and he slept for another 5 hours.

A growth spurt? A spoiled baby with trained parents? An extremely hungry 20 lbs 8 month old?

I'm not sure, but I prefer the sleeping Angel.

My Man in Fire-Retardant Gear

Last night, Ryan was presented with his "Congrats on Becoming a Real Firefighter" cake. Please note the flames and fire hose, complete with water to put out the blaze.

It was in honor of Ryan passing his written exam for Level 1 Firefighter, following his practical exam last spring. Way to go Babe!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Mans Junk...

I decided to take yesterday's warm weather as possibly one of the last days of above average temperatures this Fall and went for a walk downtown with the boy. Going out during the day can sometimes get expensive.

I like to shop. I admit it. I like to have money in my account and to buy things, resulting in less money in my account. Going for a walk downtown can sometimes result in WAY less money in our account. But I was good yesterday.

I stopped at the two second-hand shops, spent $10 total and came out with a jacket and pair of pants for the boy and two new toys! (though slightly used). The best part was that I could remember playing with a similar toy as pictured below when I was a kid.

When we got home, the boy went down for a nap and I proceeded to give the new toys a good scrub in the sink... and when he woke up, Ethan was delighted with his new treasures.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think that there is always a sort of stigma towards Moms when it comes to breastfeeding. Everyone has an opinion. Even if they say they don't, I think they do as soon as a Mom pulls out a bottle or a boob to soothe that screaming child. BOOM! There it is; People's opinions.

Old ladies judge you before you even give birth to that child. Walking through Walmart 8 months pregnant, they'll stop you to ask "are you going to breastfeed?" (had this happen, didn't know the lady). She anticipates your answer and has a look of approval or a judgemental scowl ready for you.

If you choose not to breastfeed, I think you deal with it all head on. You're already armed with why you don't want to or CAN'T and you tell people (even though it's none of their business) that you're not, and this is why. And if they think less of you, just know that you can pull a bottle out anytime to quite your kid without them thinking you should leave the room to feed him/her.

There's even a stigma when you stop feeding off the boob or God-Forbid you feed them for too LONG on the boob! When is it time to stop? When your child walks up to you and demands baba? (Ethan started asking for Baba around 6 months old, and yes, it means boob) So if you're behind us in church and he starts screaming "BABA-BABA-BABA" feel free to laugh, I'm trying to get it out as fast as possible.

I choose to breastfeed. (Man! how many times can I reference a boob in one blog? I'm not done yet) I'm pretty liberal (at least when it comes to breastfeeding) and refuse to feed my boy in another area, let alone a little room strictly for the purpose of feeding babies. I became very good at covering up fairly early, so if you're not staring at my chest, you won't see anything. Get over it. He's hungry.

In two weeks Ethan will be 8 months old. He has 4 teeth and has gone through the 'I can make Mommy squeal if I bite her' stage and we've gotten through it. My plan was to breastfeed Ethan until he's a year old. But I confess, I'm starting that downward spiral towards formula. (just joking formula Moms!) I'm giving up his before bed feeding, in hopes of getting him to sleep better. When he sleeps through the night, he is a happier boy during the day. And I'm a happier Mom. So I see no harm in trying to get him a better nights sleep.

But even my almost 8 month old boy has some stigma towards breastfeeding. He is a boob-man. He's had bottles (not for a couple month though) and will take a sippy-cup anytime during the day. But giving up his Baba right before bed has been a challenge... that I haven't won yet. But with lots of encouragement from my going-through-it-too friend and my family, we'll get through it.

I know that once I give up one feeding, I'll probably have to give up most of them. He's eating little people food, and doesn't BF that much during the day already. I'm pretty sad about giving up. But I'm tired, and pretty angry about not sleeping, especially at 2am then 4am or 6am....

On the positive side, I'll be able to give up my Maternity bras (they are pretty horrible!) and will be able to wear my pretty shirts again without thinking about if I can feed the boy with that shirt on. I'll be able to leave the house without Ethan every once in a while (I've only been away from him for 2 hour spurts, and not that many) and Ryan will be able to feed him, and bond in a way that I've been able to for months now.

And when someone asks "Are you still breastfeeding" I'll be armed and ready with my answer. Even though I'll be a little sad that it's ending.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Sad Little Man

What a rough night! Wow. Our poor little guy is teething again, or maybe coming down with something. We knew it would be a rough night, cause it was a rough evening.

I really wish that babies could tell you what was wrong. Sometimes I feel like an awful Mom cause sometimes I just don't know what's wrong. I can tell when he's hungry, or when he needs a bum-change. But it seems any time he's angry, Ethan will put a thumb in his mouth and start pulling at his gums. I'm not convinced that it's his teeth all the time.

Anyway. I had a happy baby on Saturday and Sunday. Two days of happy baby. I realized that it's been months since we've really had a happy baby. We only have happy moments. And I love happy baby. Ethan is so cute when he's happy. He just giggles and giggles, and plays and doesn't need to be held 24/7.

On that note. I finally found the new Elmo doll while in the city this weekend. Turns out it's not a new Elmo doll at all, just last years doll, re-vamped. I had Ethan in his stroller, going through Sears in Polo Park, spotted the doll and showed it to him. Ethan's face lit up! Then I pushed Elmo's foot and he started singing "Elmo's World" and my baby was the happiest baby in the world! Elmo even told my boy he loved him and blew kisses. (I really don't understand the infatuation with the red guy... but there is one there. Ryan You-Tubed Elmo last night - on our horrible evening and Ethan again started smiling like crazy at the computer.) I was so excited about finally finding the Elmo... Then I saw the price. $69.99! For a Toy Doll! Maybe he'll get one for Christmas if we win the lottery between now and then.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 Months Going On 2 Years Old

I love my son. He's a beautiful carbon copy of his father. (whom I think it the most handsome guy I know)

Ethan just turned 7 months old yesterday. He does a lot of things (IMO) for a 7 month old, however he doesn't crawl or creep along the furniture yet.

Ethan does a lot of things that a 7 month old shouldn't do. For instance, He pulls hair (my hair) and pinches (my face and arms) when he gets angry. In fact, if you put him on the floor, he will even kick and scream when he's angry. Full Blown Temper Tantrum.

Is it possible for a 7 month old to have a temper tantrum? I Googled it, and apparently lots of babies have them. Daily. Just like my little guy. When he's tired and woke up half way through a nap, but refuses to go down again... When you want to do something and put him down with a toy and he really doesn't want to be put down... When you want him to have a nap/go to bed for the night, and he doesn't want to... All of these situations result in Daily temper tantrums.

And my little guy just turned 7 months old.

So next time you see me and ask if Ethan is a good boy and I hesitate, I'm just counting the tantrums today.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Me? Modest?

Reese's everyday wish; That someone will scratch her belly.

Letters to God

While watching The View this morning (Time change means Ethan's morning nap falls during The View! Really it's the only daytime TV I enjoy), the ladies were talking about a little girl who wrote a letter to God after her dog died. Apparently a Postal Worker responded to the little girl's letter, writing back to her as God. Here's the link....

I've often written to God, in the form of my Diary. For years I started every entry with Dear God, instead of Dear Diary. I've never sent a letter in the mail, and I've never got a written response. Though I like to think some of my prayers have been answered..... *insert picture of loving husband and beautiful son here*

Our church recently did the "postcard" thing for their series on Sex (that's right... a church talking about sex, without the don't do this and don't do that! It really was a great series Nathan!) The congregation were encouraged to submit postcards about their experiences, the good and the bad. I confess, I didn't submit one. I guess I was too scared someone would recognize my postcard, or maybe too scared to put my thoughts down on paper. I definitely had postcards running through my head, and it was very interesting to see everyone else's. I do love the postcard Internet site as well (what a great idea!)

So this little girl with her dead dog got me thinking, which usually results in my Googling of something. I couldn't believe the websites with Letters to God. Wow! One of the sites even had the letters in categories. There were no religious affiliations to the site, no government groups. Just the ability to put your thoughts down somewhere, good or bad, for someone else to read. How Therapeutic!

What if the post office had a whole section set up, just answering letters to God.... They would be working non-stop I'm sure. (They do it for Santa Claus - so don't scowl at your computer screen.... Santa and God are confused for each other every year... remember that Christmas thing)

And even if you don't believe in a God, are you sure that you wouldn't find yourself addressing a letter to Him every once in a while, if there was a chance for an answer? What would your letter say?

That postal worker gave that little girl a beautiful gift, Hope. It didn't cost him anything, just a little thought and time. Hopefully he didn't get into any trouble for it.