Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

I'm not normally this person, however.... It's officially 66 sleeps until Christmas! For all of us new Moms out there, you can probably double or maybe even triple that count, cause I know your baby wakes you up just as you fall back to sleep at night. OK... it's 66 nights until Christmas, sleepless or otherwise.

Christmas has never really held much excitement for me. How horrible. I guess I spend too much time worrying about what presents to get people, and how to include everyone that we love on December 25th.

We've had our share of funny moments around that time year. Reese chasing a ball that was accidentally thrown into the Christmas tree. You could see the look of terror in her eyes as she turned to run before the tree collapsed on her, ears back and body low to the ground, toe-nails trying to grip the tile floor. Glass decorations fell to the floor like bombs around her fleeing body. If it was caught on tape, I know that we would be $10,000 richer now, thanks to a popular funny video TV show.
We know nothing chocolate can go under the tree until the morning of, cause Pitunia will sniff it out and it will be no-more.
One year Ryan went on the ice-covered steep-pitched roof to put up the Christmas lights in the freezing cold because he was tired of my requests for twinkling. (I don't nag, I request over and over again until you get the hint) My brother held the rope that was tied around Ryan's waist for safety reasons, but as I said, the roof was steep and covered with ice. You can guess how that story ends.

But I think this year will be a little more exciting for me. Our baby will be 9 months old, maybe even walking if he has his way. And we'll spend our first Christmas as parents.

How exciting to wrap the presents and watch as baby tears them apart only to play with the paper and boxes that toys came in... How exciting to share with our parents a first Christmas as Grandparents.

I'm excited already. And wondering if it's wrong to put up your tree before Halloween. I think Ryan should at least attempt Christmas lights before the ice comes.

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