Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who Pays the Tooth Fairy?

The tooth fairy has a pretty sick sense of humour. Ethan is getting a bunch of teeth, all at once.

His bottom front teeth came in over a 3 week period (not counting the 4 months of "teething" in preparation of them breaking through). It was pretty horrible in the house for a few days at a time when they were cutting through the gums. Then he started smiling again, playing with toys and sleeping at night. Not too bad.

But on Monday, after a horrible weekend of not napping, I realized that his 3rd and 4th teeth came in on top (not the middle ones though). So Ethan could go as a vampire this Halloween! To relieve pressure, he even does the Vampire bite on your neck if he hold him the right way.

Now he won't let me look in his mouth to see what's going on in there... The top Vampire teeth are cut, but haven't "come in" and definitely hurt. Last time he let me look, his gums were very swollen on the bottom, the 5th and 6th teeth are obviously on their way. And I'm pretty sure that maybe even 2 more are coming in on top now. (8! Could he really have 8 teeth all of a sudden!?!)

So for the past 2 nights, I have been on the couch with him. Tylenol and Ambisol have little effect anymore. (I guess, with all that happening at the same time) When his pacifier comes out, he starts to yell, and when he's sleeping it falls out about every 20 minutes.

My poor baby. He's pretty sad right now, but maybe when all these teeth come in, we can get a bit of a break from teething for a few months.

Hopefully they don't fall out all at the same time. I'll be broke! I mean the tooth fairy will be broke. How much does a tooth run at right now? And with inflation over the next 6 years. Forget retirement! We need to start putting away for teeth!

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