Monday, November 2, 2009

Letters to God

While watching The View this morning (Time change means Ethan's morning nap falls during The View! Really it's the only daytime TV I enjoy), the ladies were talking about a little girl who wrote a letter to God after her dog died. Apparently a Postal Worker responded to the little girl's letter, writing back to her as God. Here's the link....

I've often written to God, in the form of my Diary. For years I started every entry with Dear God, instead of Dear Diary. I've never sent a letter in the mail, and I've never got a written response. Though I like to think some of my prayers have been answered..... *insert picture of loving husband and beautiful son here*

Our church recently did the "postcard" thing for their series on Sex (that's right... a church talking about sex, without the don't do this and don't do that! It really was a great series Nathan!) The congregation were encouraged to submit postcards about their experiences, the good and the bad. I confess, I didn't submit one. I guess I was too scared someone would recognize my postcard, or maybe too scared to put my thoughts down on paper. I definitely had postcards running through my head, and it was very interesting to see everyone else's. I do love the postcard Internet site as well (what a great idea!)

So this little girl with her dead dog got me thinking, which usually results in my Googling of something. I couldn't believe the websites with Letters to God. Wow! One of the sites even had the letters in categories. There were no religious affiliations to the site, no government groups. Just the ability to put your thoughts down somewhere, good or bad, for someone else to read. How Therapeutic!

What if the post office had a whole section set up, just answering letters to God.... They would be working non-stop I'm sure. (They do it for Santa Claus - so don't scowl at your computer screen.... Santa and God are confused for each other every year... remember that Christmas thing)

And even if you don't believe in a God, are you sure that you wouldn't find yourself addressing a letter to Him every once in a while, if there was a chance for an answer? What would your letter say?

That postal worker gave that little girl a beautiful gift, Hope. It didn't cost him anything, just a little thought and time. Hopefully he didn't get into any trouble for it.

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