Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When Did I Get So Old

I can remember thinking that I would always be a hip Mom. I prided myself in knowing that kids are kids and that I would be cool by the time my kids reached my age *way back in high school*.

But I'm slipping already.

I was recently disgusted about Adam Lambert getting "carried away" at the AMA this weekend and grinding some poor dancer's face into his crotch, and groping another. Really... You're here for our entertainment? I didn't find it entertaining. Perhaps you should go back to singing covers Adam. You were good at that.

And Britney??? 3? Maybe 4? Living in Sin is the new thing? You have two kids yourself young lady. And you're not even young anymore. Do you really want your kids to see what you've been up to in your music videos? You're a role model to young women everywhere, and all you're doing is teaching them that Sex is how you get famous. (unless I'm miss-watching this)

When did I get so old? I miss the music of my generation. Some good old late 90s alternative. I was GaGa about it.

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