Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Mans Junk...

I decided to take yesterday's warm weather as possibly one of the last days of above average temperatures this Fall and went for a walk downtown with the boy. Going out during the day can sometimes get expensive.

I like to shop. I admit it. I like to have money in my account and to buy things, resulting in less money in my account. Going for a walk downtown can sometimes result in WAY less money in our account. But I was good yesterday.

I stopped at the two second-hand shops, spent $10 total and came out with a jacket and pair of pants for the boy and two new toys! (though slightly used). The best part was that I could remember playing with a similar toy as pictured below when I was a kid.

When we got home, the boy went down for a nap and I proceeded to give the new toys a good scrub in the sink... and when he woke up, Ethan was delighted with his new treasures.

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  1. i had one of those toys when i was little too. I think that is were i got my ADHD from, but it was still fun