Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Sad Little Man

What a rough night! Wow. Our poor little guy is teething again, or maybe coming down with something. We knew it would be a rough night, cause it was a rough evening.

I really wish that babies could tell you what was wrong. Sometimes I feel like an awful Mom cause sometimes I just don't know what's wrong. I can tell when he's hungry, or when he needs a bum-change. But it seems any time he's angry, Ethan will put a thumb in his mouth and start pulling at his gums. I'm not convinced that it's his teeth all the time.

Anyway. I had a happy baby on Saturday and Sunday. Two days of happy baby. I realized that it's been months since we've really had a happy baby. We only have happy moments. And I love happy baby. Ethan is so cute when he's happy. He just giggles and giggles, and plays and doesn't need to be held 24/7.

On that note. I finally found the new Elmo doll while in the city this weekend. Turns out it's not a new Elmo doll at all, just last years doll, re-vamped. I had Ethan in his stroller, going through Sears in Polo Park, spotted the doll and showed it to him. Ethan's face lit up! Then I pushed Elmo's foot and he started singing "Elmo's World" and my baby was the happiest baby in the world! Elmo even told my boy he loved him and blew kisses. (I really don't understand the infatuation with the red guy... but there is one there. Ryan You-Tubed Elmo last night - on our horrible evening and Ethan again started smiling like crazy at the computer.) I was so excited about finally finding the Elmo... Then I saw the price. $69.99! For a Toy Doll! Maybe he'll get one for Christmas if we win the lottery between now and then.


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