Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think that there is always a sort of stigma towards Moms when it comes to breastfeeding. Everyone has an opinion. Even if they say they don't, I think they do as soon as a Mom pulls out a bottle or a boob to soothe that screaming child. BOOM! There it is; People's opinions.

Old ladies judge you before you even give birth to that child. Walking through Walmart 8 months pregnant, they'll stop you to ask "are you going to breastfeed?" (had this happen, didn't know the lady). She anticipates your answer and has a look of approval or a judgemental scowl ready for you.

If you choose not to breastfeed, I think you deal with it all head on. You're already armed with why you don't want to or CAN'T and you tell people (even though it's none of their business) that you're not, and this is why. And if they think less of you, just know that you can pull a bottle out anytime to quite your kid without them thinking you should leave the room to feed him/her.

There's even a stigma when you stop feeding off the boob or God-Forbid you feed them for too LONG on the boob! When is it time to stop? When your child walks up to you and demands baba? (Ethan started asking for Baba around 6 months old, and yes, it means boob) So if you're behind us in church and he starts screaming "BABA-BABA-BABA" feel free to laugh, I'm trying to get it out as fast as possible.

I choose to breastfeed. (Man! how many times can I reference a boob in one blog? I'm not done yet) I'm pretty liberal (at least when it comes to breastfeeding) and refuse to feed my boy in another area, let alone a little room strictly for the purpose of feeding babies. I became very good at covering up fairly early, so if you're not staring at my chest, you won't see anything. Get over it. He's hungry.

In two weeks Ethan will be 8 months old. He has 4 teeth and has gone through the 'I can make Mommy squeal if I bite her' stage and we've gotten through it. My plan was to breastfeed Ethan until he's a year old. But I confess, I'm starting that downward spiral towards formula. (just joking formula Moms!) I'm giving up his before bed feeding, in hopes of getting him to sleep better. When he sleeps through the night, he is a happier boy during the day. And I'm a happier Mom. So I see no harm in trying to get him a better nights sleep.

But even my almost 8 month old boy has some stigma towards breastfeeding. He is a boob-man. He's had bottles (not for a couple month though) and will take a sippy-cup anytime during the day. But giving up his Baba right before bed has been a challenge... that I haven't won yet. But with lots of encouragement from my going-through-it-too friend and my family, we'll get through it.

I know that once I give up one feeding, I'll probably have to give up most of them. He's eating little people food, and doesn't BF that much during the day already. I'm pretty sad about giving up. But I'm tired, and pretty angry about not sleeping, especially at 2am then 4am or 6am....

On the positive side, I'll be able to give up my Maternity bras (they are pretty horrible!) and will be able to wear my pretty shirts again without thinking about if I can feed the boy with that shirt on. I'll be able to leave the house without Ethan every once in a while (I've only been away from him for 2 hour spurts, and not that many) and Ryan will be able to feed him, and bond in a way that I've been able to for months now.

And when someone asks "Are you still breastfeeding" I'll be armed and ready with my answer. Even though I'll be a little sad that it's ending.

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  1. Good for you for continuing to breastfeed for this long! I nursed my kids 'til just after their second birthday - I'm sure people had many a comment about that although luckily none directed to my face. It's whatever is best for your family - mamas know best! Good luck with your weaning - I hope you get sleep soon.
    I know right now it probably feels like you will never sleep again. But one day, not too far down the road, your baby will be a child and you'll wonder where the time went. I know I wish I could go back to rocking and nursing my babies - time goes by too quickly!