Monday, November 23, 2009

Formula Follower

If you've been following for the past few weeks, you probably know I've been struggling with a Baby who is almost 8 months old, who refuses to sleep through the night. Up until about a week ago, Ethan was completely Breastfeed.

I am pleased to say that Ryan and I have won the Bottle-Battle. Ethan downed his 7 oz bottle of formula last night in about 10 minutes! Yay Ethan, go Ethan, Yay Ethan.... (happy dance)

My goal was to get him to take 1 bottle a day, right before bed, in hopes that he will sleep better. (some say that formula feed babies sleep better, breastfed babies wake up hungry in the middle of the night)

I am sad to say that Ethan is STILL waking up in the middle of the night, hungry. I know he's hungry, because I go in when he wakes up, make sure that teeth aren't the issue (he's not trying to pull the top of his head off) and give him his Soos (pacifier). Ethan will fall asleep, and wake up and cry and fall asleep and wake up and cry. I let him do this for about 50 minutes on Saturday night before Ryan finally went in to get him. Ethan latched on and had a full meal, then Ryan took him back to his crib and he slept for another 5 hours.

A growth spurt? A spoiled baby with trained parents? An extremely hungry 20 lbs 8 month old?

I'm not sure, but I prefer the sleeping Angel.

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