Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 Months Going On 2 Years Old

I love my son. He's a beautiful carbon copy of his father. (whom I think it the most handsome guy I know)

Ethan just turned 7 months old yesterday. He does a lot of things (IMO) for a 7 month old, however he doesn't crawl or creep along the furniture yet.

Ethan does a lot of things that a 7 month old shouldn't do. For instance, He pulls hair (my hair) and pinches (my face and arms) when he gets angry. In fact, if you put him on the floor, he will even kick and scream when he's angry. Full Blown Temper Tantrum.

Is it possible for a 7 month old to have a temper tantrum? I Googled it, and apparently lots of babies have them. Daily. Just like my little guy. When he's tired and woke up half way through a nap, but refuses to go down again... When you want to do something and put him down with a toy and he really doesn't want to be put down... When you want him to have a nap/go to bed for the night, and he doesn't want to... All of these situations result in Daily temper tantrums.

And my little guy just turned 7 months old.

So next time you see me and ask if Ethan is a good boy and I hesitate, I'm just counting the tantrums today.

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