Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby Phat

So it's official....  It's Winter in Southern Manitoba.  and I'm cold.

I miss being pregnant.  Pregnant women really do have a glow about them.  They look awesome most of the time - they're excited and living in two worlds - yours and one they share just with their baby.  As a new mom I look pretty mom-ish most of the time...   Undone.

This time last year I was fairly pregnant.  Five months along if I remember, but big enough that I felt awkward wearing my bikini in the pool in Fargo.  (there was quite a baby bump....  in fact I had a Baby bump fairly early on - carried all my new weight out front).  Sometimes that was good, because no one mistook me for just putting on some extra pounds, it was fairly obvious (at least to me) that I was pregnant.

Around this time last year I think I could feel Ethan kicking me.  He kicked alot, and I told Ryan I would miss being able to feel him that way.  I was scared of Winter, because we get a lot of ice around here, and I'm not great at staying on my feet most of the time anyway.  I had to wear Ryan's jacket because I kept breaking the zipper on mine.  But I could eat almost anything I wanted (a good thing around Christmas) and any extra holiday weight became baby weight.  No one expected me to shovel the driveway or clean the snow off the van.  Carrying heavy packages was strictly off limits.  Being Pregnant this time of year was great.

But the best part about being pregnant in the Winter was that Ethan was a warm baby.  (he still is very warm most of the time - Daddy's thermostat too I guess)  I was always hot!  I could wear just a short sleeve shirt at work, and be fine.  Even with all the windows!  A sweater was hardly ever necessary.

It really isn't cold here at all.  Our house is 21.5 Degrees, outside is only -5 Degrees and I've been wearing sweaters for a week straight.  It's going to get much colder - and I'm already missing the warmth of my baby fat.

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