Friday, December 18, 2009

Manitoba Mutts

How can you tell that we live in Manitoba???  Read on!

Our dogs, Pitunia and Reese wanted out this morning - not really.  They actually wanted to wrestle on our king-sized bed, but as I just put Ethan down for a nap, I didn't think this was their best idea.

So....  I opened the door to the backyard, leaving it open so they could take shelter in our un-heated garage if need be.  Then I walked back to the bedroom to watch the show.  And what a show.

Reese proceeded to do about 100 laps around our backyard (not a small backyard as city lots go).  Pitunia would run out every 5 laps or so to see if she could catch Reese's backend as it passed by.  Then she would run to the garage door to heat up (I think) and try again in a few laps.  Reese paused every so often to eat some snow - none of which was yellow I don't think.  Then continued her laps.

The strange thing is that Pitunia has very little fur (as dogs go) and Reese loves the snow, but is definitely a house dog.  However, it is ONLY -10 degrees celsius out today.  And that seems to feel like Spring to our pups.  How sad.  But it got so cold so fast here that I don't think they had much time to adjust.  They seem to be happy about the milder weather.

And that's how you know we have Manitoba Mutts...   when -10 degrees celsius feels warm.

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