Thursday, December 31, 2009

All I Wanted For Christmas....

was my two front teeth. 

I used to hate that song.  What a silly song.  I guess if you were 6 years old, with two big gaping holes in the front of your mouth, it would make sense.  But for the rest of us...  kinda silly.  Mind you, there are Christmas songs about Donkeys and Hippos, so I guess it's not the silliest song out there.

Well...  I have my two front teeth, and have never known a child to get their two front teeth for Christmas.  Until now.

Besides a tonne of presents and clothes, Ethan got his two front teeth for Christmas.   One cut through on Christmas Day, and was in by the 27th.  And yesterday, he cut the second one, which is in today.  These teeth moved very quickly, and provided a few rough nights of sleep.

But something changed this teething time around (they are teeth 5 and 6 if anyone is keeping track).  Ethan slept!  During the day, he slept a lot - not at one time, but the days have been filled with naps.  He wakes up, has something to eat and goes back to sleep.   Wakes up, cuddles for a bit and falls back to sleep.  Wakes up, plays with some toys and starts yawning, cause it's time to go back to sleep.

Night time doesn't allow for a long- through the night sleep.  But he's waking up between 5 and 6:30.  Next week he'll be getting up at 6:30 anyway to get ready for daycare. 

So forget the Hippos and Donkeys.  (Ethan didn't get any of those - but cute puppies that say his name, and Elmos galore)  Ethan got something every kid sings about at some point in time.  He got his two front teeth for Christmas. 

Six down, Fourteen to go!

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