Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't touch the tree.... Even if I place you in front of it

I must say, What a cute kid we've got!
Ryan and I did this picture in our livingroom the other night for Christmas cards (pretend you haven't seen it yet when you open your card) 

Things that I thought were important for the picture -

Socks...  I wanted to have Ethan in his cute little shoes, but he only has one pair right now that fit (besides slippers and boots) and they didn't go with the outfit.  But socks go with everything.

Turtle...   Ethan loves his turtle.  Turtle goes everywhere with us.  I bought it when Ethan was 3 months old so he could have something new to entertain him when we took our first plane ride to Montreal.  That's right, Turtle has even been to Montreal.

Corny Christmas Sweater-vest...   We can only dress them like this for so long before they start to protest - except my brother.  He wore 3 piece suits for school pictures well into elementary school.  Long even that I knew they weren't cool anymore Mom - and I'm 2 years younger than him.

Decorated Christmas Tree (with presents)...  It really sets the Christmas tone.  Otherwise it would just be another picture of Ethan, only with him in a corny sweater-vest.

Things I wish weren't in the picture-

The poor excuse for window treatments...  Scroll back up and look again.  You'll understand.

Finally I would like to say that to acheive a fabulous picture like this, it requires teetering your 8 month old on a box covered in blankets, surrounded by pillows, with a Daddy hovering just in case.  They did a good job, didn't they?


  1. hahaha when I saw the picture yesterday I didn't even think that he was high up with the tree in the background! You can tell a lot of work went into the picture though, it's perfect! And no one would notice if there were blinds in the background at all had you not said. All you see is Ethan, and maybe some tree behind his cuteness : )

  2. i am sorry to say that i did notice the blinds not because i think they are ugly but they have just put a massive recall for roman blinds because 570 children in North America have choked on them, now if talking about strangled children is not Christmasy enough for you i don't know what is. By the way i agree that he is ryans clone