Saturday, December 12, 2009

Claustrophobia - Check!

Ryan and I went Christmas shopping yesterday!  And it wasn't even that bad.

I actually started shopping over a month ago.  I think it's really easy to buy gifts for kids.  In fact, I could buy presents for Ethan and our friends kids anyday.  I had a hard time stopping.  Ryan told me to stop buying and when we were done getting everyone else's gifts I could continue to buy for Ethan (money allowing).

Ryan had yesterday afternoon off, and we hadn't bought any of our adult gifts yet, so I suggested a quick trip to the city.  With only one more Friday left before Christmas, a trip into Winnipeg would hardly be a treat.  Ryan tends to get claustrophobic (note to self; CLAUStrophobic - must of stemmed from the Greek word for fear of Christmas Shopping Crowds).  It can be so bad that on boxing days, I can tell when he reaches the point that he is extremely angry and would love to start punching people in the head....   He's not an angry person, and it wouldn't be funny...   But picture it!  This huge guy punching people in the head because they're standing too close and there are too many of them!   The image is hilarious in my brain.

So we trodded off to Polo Park in search of the perfect Christmas Gifts for all the people on our list.  (I am all about buying stuff in our home town, but I had a few gifts that just aren't available in our small town - I looked!)  There was a tonne of people in that mall.  The food court was full, the stores were full.  There was even a wait to use the elevator in the middle of the mall.  And the bathrooms!  UGH!  The bathrooms were gross!  Holiday shoppers are animals!

We spent 7 hours walking around various stores and got about half of our shopping done.  Shopping with a 8 month old in -30 degree weather is not fun.  Whoever told me that a Winter baby wouldn't be good didn't calculate that a Spring baby is too big for a carrier car seat, and to small to walk, and hates being dressed in snowsuits, mitts and touques.  I think a winter baby would have been easier this time of year.

With just a few more thing to get, I think I can get it done.  I might run to our 24 hour Walmart one night this week after Ethan goes down for the night.  Christmas shopping has definately been more difficult than normal.  But it's almost done.  Infact, in 2 weeks it will all be over for another year.  And if you get a gift from us that you hate this year....   It's the thought that counts.

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