Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Winter Sport

How exciting! Snow!  (the picture was actually last year, from the picture folder titled "fun in the snow")

I say that I'm not a snow person, because I don't like the cold, I don't "play" in the snow on skates or sleds or snowmobiles. However I am a snow person when I'm sitting in the front seat of a 4x4 truck, watching all of the idiots who have forgotten how to drive.

I'm sure that some people forgot how to drive this morning in our town. Just a light dusting of snow really.... a couple of inches. Nothing to get too excited about yet.

I'm always happy the first day after a good dump of a foot or two, Ryan and I get in the truck to head to work and pull out multiple people in little cars and minivans on the way. It doesn't matter that we're late, cause we're saving people from the snow drifts they've plowed into. The very best is when you get to pull out a 4x4 of a different brand. (Ford and Dodge men hardly enjoy it, but sometimes our GMC just wins)

But this year I'm not getting up first thing in the morning, going to work with Ryan. I'm home with Ethan. So Ryan gets to pull people out without me. And I will likely be one of the minivans stuck in a 4 foot drift that I didn't see until I was on top of it. I'll just make sure I have my cellphone with me everywhere I go.

It won't take long until the Portage people stop driving 30 kms/hr through town, scared of the slippery streets, and begin to drive 60 again. But I'm sure the drive to work was fun today, kinda sad I missed it.

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