Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Soother? Yes I Am

Ethan's been having problems sleeping at night again.  I'm not sure exactly what the issue is this time.

He is teething again, but not horribly *I really wish teething was a 2 day process*.  Sometimes some teething gel is required - or Baby Crack as I call it....  Ethan smacks his lips in anticipation when he sees it coming.

I also cheaped out on diapers and bought the none-brand named brand, as I'm cheap and I didn't have a coupon for my favorite brand name.  Around 3am, Ethan yells to let me know that his diaper has reached full capacity.  Then it takes a while to get him back to sleep.  I will be picking up a package of my favorite brand named diapers today.

Ethan is also giving crawling a huge try, mostly at night.  He sits up in his crib, lies back down, crawls to the edge, sits back up, lies back down, rolls around, pushes his face up against the edge, and SCREAMS!  In the past, I usually have given him a few minutes of screaming in hopes that he will calm down and fall back to sleep.  I've found that if the issue is a face against the bars of his crib, promptness is necessity, or a lot of Mommy soothing will follow.  I'm considering purchasing some crib bumpers today as well.

Another issue that we've run into is Ethan throws his pacifier out of the crib, then has trouble soothing himself back to sleep.  He will be a great ball player, he's got quite an arm on him.  If the soos (as we call it) has left the crib, the chance that he will fall back to sleep is about a zero.  Going into his room, getting another soos and getting him back to sleep is also necessary.  The bumpers will probably help his issue too.

Last night at 3 am, the diaper, Ethan's face against the crib and the missing soos were all issues.  It took about 4 trips to the nursery, a diaper change, a bottle and a big long cuddle with Mom to settle him down.  While I was crawling back into bed, Ryan asked "soother?"  I took it as a statement.  Maybe it's my title now.

I am the Soother....  Just call me Soos.

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